Cleaners and Sealers

Cleaners and Sealers

With the weather clearing and warming up, we can turn our attention to sealing. We thought we would put together a few helpful points for you.

To use Techniseal Sealers, cleaning is the first step, and power washing is never good enough. Use our HD Paver Prep for best results. This will deal with efflorescence as well as cleans and brightens up the colour of the pavers. Stains can be removed with Techniseal’s stain removing cleaner.

Sealing is a simple process: clean as recommended, let the surface dry - be sure it is dry all the way through to the base, apply sealer as per instructions. Typically, apply to saturation, back roll off the excess.

Sealers are now water based, making them environmentally friendly and easy to use, without the annoying smell. Techniseal has sealers that vary in longevity, from 4 to 7 to 10 years.

Sealers come in many finishes: natural look, clear look, colour boost, or wet look. You decide.

We have sample sizes for you to test at your home.

It is highly recommended that you test an ‘out of the way’ area, or some spare pavers before sealing your entire driveway, walk or patio.

See full our full range of cleaners and sealers here